How Can Coaching Help?
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Unblocking And Recovering
  • You'll be supported to identify your obstacles and explore ways of negotiating them.

  • You will remember that you are much more than your conditioning, your thoughts or feelings. 

  • You will learn ways of recovering from disappointments and rejections.

  • You'll find ways to bypass your inner critic.

Practical Problem Solving
  • You’ll explore ways to fit creative activities into your busy daily life.

  • You will learn to protect your creative space and time from unreasonable demands.

  • You will find ways of sustaining your creative practice while bringing up a family or earning a living.

  • If you fear talking or writing about your work, I’ll assist you to overcome it.

Feeding And Sustaining Creative Flow
  • You will learn to identify activities and ways of relaxing that feed your creative appetite rather than dulling it.

  • You will discover how to build momentum in a more joyful creative direction.

  • You'll find that there's more help available within your life than you might have assumed.

  • You'll learn how to call on your Muse. Not saying that she always comes. But you can call anyway. 

  • You'll learn how to negotiate phases in your creative cycle where you tend to get stuck.


How does it work? Unlike teaching, I won’t look at your work or critique it; rather I’ll ask you questions and listen carefully for how you can use your strengths better, and find ways to move forward that feel right to you.  We’ll decide on what you’ll work on before the next meeting in person, or on Zoom; and we can also be in contact by email in between appointments.