Qualifications And Experience

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I'm an accredited Creativity Coach with the Creativity Coaching Association (CCA) since 2018, having previously completed Coaching Essentials, a basic introduction to Coaching for Transformation.


A practicing artist who graduated from Glasgow School of Art, I've had a commitment to exploring personal development for most of my life; training as a creativity coach in 2016 seemed like the ideal way to combine my passions.  Since 1993, I've been a part time lecturer at Glasgow School of Art, where my pedagogical research has been focused on ways of enhancing and supporting motivation, and getting past resistance and blocks. I'd previously tutored many leisure classes in various venues and have an appreciation of the challenges faced by artists who have found their way to making art without having studied it in formal education. I've coached artists, designers, performers and writers.

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You can see my paintings on www.elisevallan.com

Brilliant, Bold, Conscious, Funny, Wise, Deep, Nurturing. There is so much more I could say about Elise as a coach –but it’s the unique combination of these traits, delivered via her love and her caring that make working with her such a powerful experience of learning and healing. Elise brings decades of art making, art teaching and self-work to her creativity coaching, making her a fine instrument of growth and self-awareness for a creative person seeking more depth, productivity and freedom of expressivity. K. Andrews, artist and co-coach.


 Chapters contributed to the following books, both edited by Eric Maisel

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