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Creativity Coaching can help anyone who values their creativity, including artists, writers, designers, and performers, in working quickly through any creative block, creative anxiety, or any loss of confidence, direction, or motivation. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, and working with clients in many different countries.

Who I Coach


  • practicing artists, writers, designers and other creatives who have temporarily lost their enthusiasm, to help them to reconnect with the aspect of creating that matters to them most.

  • people who have had to relinquish dreams of becoming an artist due to circumstances, and still yearn to create.

  • people who have had a long break from creating and now feel unable to restart their creative lives.

  • creatives who are looking for a better work -  life balance.

Whether you're feeling that your work has become a little stale, repetitive or safe, or are struggling to make anything at all, both are manifestations of creative block. It can last for a week or so, or for some, it can last for decades, but over and over again, I've seen that it's possible to get through the struggles and into flow far more quickly than we expect.  

Many of us experience times when barriers get in the way of the magical part of being creative. As a creativity coach, I help clients to re-set their compasses, find their way through the woods, and make the work that matters most to them.

Creativity encompasses much more than producing;  I see it as a way to a more vibrant life. Underpinning how I coach is an understanding that we are much more than our conditioning, thoughts and feelings; and that those are the elements that often create the blocks. Connecting with that 'more than' can support us to shift not only the interior obstacles, but also to find solutions to the practicalities of managing to live in the world with our responsibilities and still keep the creative passion alive. At that point the work itself can begin to embrace and transcend our difficulties. I  help clients access their strengths, and find strategies that fit with their values and sense of joy.